In today’s fast-paced world, where we spend the majority of our waking hours working, the importance of a comfortable and ergonomic office chair cannot be overstated. Whether you’re in Karachi, Pakistan, or any other place in the world,

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A good office chair plays a pivotal role in maintaining your health, productivity, and overall well-being. We will explore the significance of choosing the best office chairs in Karachi, Pakistan, and provide you with a list of top options to consider.

Types of Office Chairs

CEO Office Chairs

CEO chairs are designed for top executives and business leaders. They are often customized to suit personal preferences and offer the highest level of comfort and prestige. CEO chairs are designed with top-class materials.

Executive Office Chairs

Executive chairs are designed for top-level management and individuals who need to make a strong impression. We typically feature high backs, luxurious upholstery, and ergonomic features to provide both comfort and a sense of authority.

Manager Office Chairs

Manager Chairs are a step up from staff chairs and often have more ergonomic features, offering support to mid-level managers. Ensuring managers have comfortable and supportive chairs enhances their decision-making abilities and productivity.

Staff Office Chairs

Staff chairs are the backbone of any office. They are simple, functional, and durable, designed for day-to-day use by employees. Comfortable staff chairs are essential to maintain the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Computer Office Chairs

Computer chairs, often referred to as task chairs, are designed for computer and desk work. We offer in our chairs adjustable height and backrest support it helps during prolonged periods of sitting.

Guest Office Chairs

Guest chairs are typically used in reception areas and meeting rooms. They come in various designs and materials, providing comfort and a welcoming appearance. These chairs make visitors and clients feel at ease, leaving a positive impression on your business.

Revolving Office Chairs

Revolving chairs, or swivel chairs, are characterized by their ability to rotate. They are versatile and can be used in various office settings. These chairs provide flexibility and mobility to employees, allowing them to reach different parts of their workspace without strain.

Why Choose Yamas Office Chairs?

At Yamas, we understand the importance of selecting the right office chair to enhance your workspace and overall well-being. Our dedication to quality and client happiness sets us unique. Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose Yamas for your office chair needs:


Comfort and quality shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Yamas offers a range of office chairs that combine affordability with exceptional value, making it easier for you to invest in your workspace without breaking the bank.


Yamas provides a diverse selection of office chairs to cater to your specific needs and style preferences. From sleek and modern designs to ergonomic classics, we have the perfect chair for every setting either you want to buy CEO Chairs, Executive Chairs, Manager Chairs, Staff Chairs, Computer Chairs, Guest Chairs & Revolving Chairs.


Yamas is synonymous with quality. We take pride in delivering products that not only look good but are also built to withstand the rigors of everyday office life. One of the primary reasons to invest in a high-quality office chair is the numerous health benefits it offers. Long periods of sitting can cause back discomfort, neck strain, and bad posture, among other health problems. Yamas furniture chairs are designed to provide adequate lumbar support, reduce strain on your neck and shoulders, and promote proper sitting posture. We use High Quality Material in our office chairs that why it’s highly recommendable for every individual.


We understand that timing is crucial when furnishing your workspace. Yamas ensures a seamless and prompt delivery process so you can start enjoying your new office chair without any unnecessary delays. We deliver our products in all over the Karachi, Pakistan.

Enhances Productivity

Comfortable and ergonomic seating leads to enhanced productivity. Yamas office chairs are tailored to keep you focused and motivated, helping you achieve your best work day after day. Yamas Office Chairs can boost your efficiency and concentration, ultimately leading to higher productivity levels.


Investing in an office chair from Yamas Furniture’s means investing in the long term. Our chairs are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring you'll enjoy their support and comfort for years to come. Yamas Furniture’s office chairs will withstand years of use and provide a reliable seating solution for your workspace.

The core of our business is customer happiness. We're dedicated to ensuring that you're not only satisfied with your purchase but thrilled with it. At Yamas Furniture’s, we stand by our products and are committed to your contentment.

Elevate your workspace with Yamas office chairs and experience the difference in comfort, quality, and affordability. Your chair should be more than just a seat; it should be a statement of productivity, comfort, and style.

Office Chair Price in Karachi, Pakistan

For those in Karachi, Pakistan, seeking affordable, high-quality office chairs, Yamas Furniture’s offers a range of options to meet your needs. With our diverse selection, you can find the perfect chair for your workspace while staying within your budget. Our Mid-Range (PKR17,000-30,000). This range includes a wide selection of office chairs with better ergonomics, comfort, and durability. Our Premium Range (PKR35,000-60,000): For those seeking top-of-the-line comfort and features, premium executive chairs and ergonomic office chairs fall into this category. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you'll be pleased with your purchase. Plus, our efficient delivery services guarantee that your new chair will arrive promptly and in excellent condition, ready to provide the posture support and comfort you deserve. Invest in a Yamas Office Chair today to enhance productivity and ensure long-lasting durability in your office furniture.

Office Chair In Pakistan Updated October 2023

Latest Design In Office Chair 2023 Availability Price
Office Chair 101202 G In Stock 19,900
Office Chair 101701 OR In Stock 34,500
Office Chair 121028 In Stock 34,500
Office Chair 121028 M In Stock 29,900
Office Chair 121038 In Stock 17,500
Office Chair 121037 In Stock 34,500
Office Chair 121031 W In Stock 17,000
Office Chair 121031 OR In Stock 17,000
Office Chair 121039 BL In Stock 17,500
Office Chair 121039 BN In Stock 17,500